KanjiQ User Manual

The idea of KanjiQ is simply to test the player's kanji knowledge by presenting a series of kanji cards, where for each card the player must respond to indicate either recognition or non-recognition.

Cards which the player has recognised are discarded, but unrecognised cards are put back in the pack and will come up again later. The game ends when the player has recognised all the cards.

There are two types of card, Kanji Character Cards and Kanji Information Cards.

Kanji Character cards show only the kanji itself, and all other information such as readings and meanings are hidden. By pressing the numeric keys as indicated on-screen, the player can display the hidden fields and ascertain whether or not he correctly recognised the kanji.

Kanji Information Cards are the opposite - the readings and meanings are displayed, and the player must try to work out what the kanji character is.

A kanji card with all its information being displayed will be too large to display on the screen of most phones, so the player must use the phone's usual up/down keys to scroll around the information as required.

Extra keys include the 5 key to reveal all of a card's hidden fields, and * and # to register correct and incorrect, respectively.